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Once your rifle scope arrives at Optical Services Company, Cheryl disassembles if for inspection, cleaning, and begins the upgrade work to fit your shooting needs.

Reassembly in progress.  At Optical Services Company, every telescope is double checked to assure final accuracy.

Optical Services Company
P.O. Box 1174 Santa Teresa, NM 88008 US
Phone: 915-740-4290 Website: http://targetshooteroptics.com/

A bench filled with rifle scopes from shooters world wide are recieving the famous Optical Services Company attention.  Can you guess what these are... Unertl, Weaver, Leupold, Sightron, Lyman etc -- we service many kinds of gun scopes.

Rifle scopes are custom machined for an Optical Services Company "Power Upgrade".

Final inspection and testing are performed to assure the precision accuracy of every rifle scope touched by Optical Services Company.
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