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About Optical Services Company

Optical Services Company (OSC) was established in 1983 by Bill Ackerman and continues today as a family owned business specializing in accuracy, detail and performance improvements for the precision shooter’s telescopes. 

As a design engineer at Weaver Scopes from 1971 to 1982, Bill Ackerman designed and holds numerous patents on various scope designs including the original steel tube “Weaver T Series”. 

Bill gained recognition for his shooting ability as a regional metallic silhouette shooting champion from the early 70’s to early 90’s with a focus on AAA silhouettes and big bore target shooting. 

Establishing Optical Services Company, a shop dedicated to the precision shooter, Bill has combined these skills and abilities to provide world renowned performance improvements of (primarily) steel tube fixed power scopes for over 20 years.

Today, Bill Ackerman and his daughter Cheryl maintain the same high quality workmanship and attention to detail that made Optical Services Company famous and openly welcome sport shooters, target shooters, benchrest shooters, long range shooters, recreational shooters, and hunters -- you name it. 

Please look through our site and see what Bill Ackerman's Optical Services Company can do to improve the performance of your telescope.

Optical Services Company
P.O. Box 1174 Santa Teresa, NM 88008 US
Phone: 915-740-4290 Website: http://targetshooteroptics.com/
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