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Questions and Answers

Q. What services do you offer?

A. After leaving Weaver, it was clear that there was a need to improve the performance of telescopes used by precision shooters. After improving my Weaver T Series scopes and those of fellow shooters I soon realized that there was a larger need for the precision shooter and established Optical Services Company. We specialize in performance improvements for fixed lens telescopes that are predominantly used by the avid shooters of all kinds.

Q. Can Optical Services increase the power (boost power) on a variable scope?

A. Our primary audience is shooters using fixed power target scopes manufactured by Weaver, Leupold, Redfield, Unertl, Sightron etc.  -- we're about fixed power precision rifle optics. There are just too many moving lenses in a variable scope that cannot be locked down.  Bottom line is we WILL NOT boost a variable. However we can remove Leupold / Premier variable power boosts, install a new reticle and reestablish the original variable functionality - please give us a call for pricing .

Q. Does Optical Services make mill dots?

A. YES. We make target dots, bullet drop dots and windage dots. The 16 dot sport reticles can be made - call us to discuss pricing and construction time requirements. Multiple dots for variable scopes are also available, but they are power dependent.

Q. I’ve heard many recommendations for Optical Services Company reticles, what makes them different?

A. Reticles (cross hairs) are a primary part of our business and I feel we do them better than anyone. In fact our reticles are factory installed in many of the scopes that you might see in retail stores, magazines, blogs as well as, and most importantly, on the firing line. We take pride in the fact that each reticle is handmade to your exact specifications with the best quality, and I emphasize, BEST Quality materials available and will last for years!

Q. What is the best way to ship my scope to Optical Services to assure it gets there safe?

A. You should ship Priority Mail (insured) through the U.S. Post Office. Please do not ship with other shipping companies as they will leave your scope out in the open and they have disappeared on numerous occasions. And please, remember to tell us exactly what work you want and include your return shipping and contact information.

Q. How should I pack my scope to prevent damage in shipping?

A. Recalling that a scope sits on top of a rifle, it is not as fragile as you might think. Wrapping it w/ a couple layers of bubble wrap and sliding it in a box ~5” X 5” X length is usually adequate. If you place it in something larger, be sure to add $30 for the return shipping – we will not return your scope for additional shipping costs COD.

Q. Does Optical Services take credit cards, Pay-Pal or other methods of payment?

A. NO. We trust our customers and gladly take your personal checks, casher’s checks or even money orders. We are not set-up for other methods of payment.

Q. What is MOA (Minute of Angle) and how can I calculate it?

A. Wikipedia's definition sums it up well (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minute_of_Angle). The National Shooting Sports Foundation provides a great video with a detailed explanation on MOA for shooters. Contact us if you need assistance figuring MOA for your scope.

Q. How quickly can I get my scope back?

A. That really depends on how many scopes we have in the shop. At Optical Services every shooter is treated equal, we work on a first-come, first serve, first-out basis. Generally, 4 to 6 weeks (sometimes less) should be expected as a "turn-around time".

Q. Do you work on damaged scopes?

A. We are not a rifle scope repair shop. However, depending on the problem, the scope, and if we have parts, we can do some repairs but that is not our primary business – call us, maybe we can assist.

Q. Do you buy or sell scopes?

A. Generally we do not buy or sell scopes, however, give us a call if you have something you want to sell as we may have interested buyers or might be able to use it for parts. 


Optical Services Company
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