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Services and Prices

Optical Services Company Power conversions "bumps" of up to 60% are available for most shooter's scopes. A new Optical Services Company reticle is necessary for most scopes as the power increase will eliminate the previous reticle location. We do not boost variable scopes. Power conversions are $260.

Optical Services Company's Custom reticles (cross hairs) can be made with nearly any size dot desired. We offer a fine crosshair (.0002) and a medium crosshair (.0005). Multiple dot Optical Services Company reticles are available for most scopes. You will need to supply the bullet drop or windage adjustment in MOA. Be advised, multiple dot reticles installed in variable power scopes are only valid at one power. Custom Optical Services Company reticles start at $110, add another $10 for each additional drop or windage dot.

Optical Services Company Blueprints are performed primarily on the Weaver T Series scopes, but not exclusively. If you want your steel tube Weaver T to perform up to its design standards, numerous assembly errors need to be corrected and cleaning is a must. The Weaver T series scopes are over 25 years old and still the most bullet-proof accuracy shooter telescope ever made… let Optical Services Company show you what they can really do. Blueprints at $160.

If you require Optical Services Company assistance not listed or need something special, contact us. However, Optical Services Company is not a repair shop. If your scope is broken, we recommend that you send it back to the factory.

Optical Services Company has tremendous experience in the scopes listed below. Call us if you’re not sure, we’ll discuss your needs personally.

1. Bosch & Lamb: Custom Reticles, Power Conversions.

2. Bushnell: Custom Reticles, Power Conversions.
3. Leupold: Custom Reticles, Power Conversions.

4. Lyman AA & STS : Custom Reticles, Power Conversions.

5. Redfield 3200 &6400: Custom Reticles, Power Conversions and Lense Cleaning.

6. Sightron: Custom Reticles, Power Conversions. We do not work on the SIII scopes.

7. Unertl 1 ¾ & 2 inch: Custom Reticles, Power Conversions.

8. Weaver steel T Series: Custom Reticles, Power Conversions and Blueprints.
9. Weaver T Series (new): Custom Reticles, Power Conversions.

Optical Services Company
P.O. Box 1174 Santa Teresa, NM 88008 US
Phone: 915-740-4290 Website: http://targetshooteroptics.com/
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